Friday, December 9, 2011

The .700 WTF : For Hunting Dinosaurs From The Firearms Blog

So you have hatched a plan to go out and hunt wabbits. Those pesky furry varmints that are only cute around easter, continue to raid your garden and you can only imagine taking out their population in one fell swoop of manliness. Well compadres, we have found the shoulder cannon just for you. This gun also doubles as a dinosaur hunter if you choose to turn on ye ol' time machine and go back a few million years for T-Rex sushi.

"A member of the Cast Boolits forums posted photos and video of a rifle and .700 caliber cartridge he designed. The only component he did not make himself was the barrel.
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The tools of the trade in firing a .700 WTF cartridge and 1132 grain bullet
The cartridge, named the .700 WTF ("What The F...") and is made by fire forming a .50 BMG brass case, trimming it to 3" in length and then sizing it. The round is loaded with a 1132 grain paper patched .700 lead cast bullet.

The rifle, with just a 16.25" barrel, can push the 1132 grain of lead up to 2300 fps. Thats 13,000 ft/lbs of energy, right up there with the .50 BMG and far exceeding the .700 Nitro Express. The cast lead bullet has enough energy to pass clean through a 1/4" steel plate.
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Look at the size of that casing and bullet compared to the revolver
The rifle uses a shell-holder style action. My understanding is that the difference between a shell holder and a bolt action is that a shell holder lacks an automatic ejector and must be entirely removed from the action in order to load a new cartridge. Note how in the video below the shell holder, holding the cartridge, it loaded into he rifle.
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the .700 WTF Caliber bullet and rifle even comes in camo
The rifle is accessorized with a Magpul pistol grip (probably the largest caliber gun to ever be fitted with a Magpul accessory), a Limbsaver recoil pad and a Aimpoint comp M4.
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Need a scope to pick off tanks and small dinosaurs at a couple hundred yards?

Juding by the video case extraction is tough. If you miss your shot at a charging

T-Rex, you need to be able to reload quickly.

UPDATE: The inventor believes the rifle is not classified by the BATFE as a destructive because it is a sporting weapon. There is sporting weapons, such as shotguns and big bore double rifles, are exempt, the usual procedure it to obtain a letter from the BATFE stating that the particular weapon is a sporting weapon."