Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hellbound Glory Voted No. 1 Local Album In Reno

Damn right, folks everywhere are starting to see the light and Supporting Real Country Music. Hellbound Glory has been voted as having the Best Local album in their hometown of Reno, Nevada.

Hellbound Glory - Bastard Child by RustyKnuckles
"Original music continues to geyser from the bubbling ground of the Reno scene. Thanks to DIY software, high-tech microphones and download websites -- plus traditional studios in town -- a genre-spanning shower of indie-label or self-produced albums (physical and/or digital) spouted in 2011. This torrent shows that Reno could be called the Biggest Little Music City. Here are my picks for best local albums of 2011. Criteria inclue solid musicianship, clean production, freshness over worn-out format -- and the "earworm" factor: tunes that stick in your head.

1. Hellbound Glory, "Damaged Goods," outlaw country,, iTunes. Hot track: "Bastard Child."

The self-described "scumbag country" quartet's third album shines brighter than a rhinestone with singer Leroy Virgil's deft songwriting, and studio ringers wielding steel-string and Telecaster guitars. This ain't Nashville pop -- it's the whiskey-soaked country of Cash and Haggard. Virgil's brawling boogies and storytelling ballads hail bad hookups, failed rehabs, doomed rebels, cheated childhoods.
"I'm the salt of the earth and a real bad seed/All I'll ever be is all I'll ever need," he proudly snarls in his gravely twang in the anthemic "Bastard Child." He reminds a woman in "You Better Hope You Die Young," "Them haggard old bar flies that look like hell/lived like you and I and lived on to tell." "Damaged goods" is a bargain for lovers of real country."

Hellbound Glory is voted best local band in Reno, NV