Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Boneyards II: Conspiracy with Trevelen About East LA Builders In The '50s

History and geography are linked like a brother and sister to their parents. Borders change and continents shift, but their story is told through the history of the earth, the air and the people. Bike builds and locations are also determined by geography and history. Take a look at the "Frisco" style that is so popular with many out there. Until you blaze up and down those great hills of San Francisco, you haven't a clue about mid mounts and gas caps mounted way up on the tank. Necessity is the mother of invention and this dictates history based on geography. Go out and make new stories based upon your geography.

Below is a video of Trevelen Rabanal of SuperCo and his thoughts on the 50's Latino bike culture of East LA Motorcycle clubs for Stussy Clothing.

Link to Stussy

"Trevelen from SuperCo explains the engineering innovations during the 1950s by a group of bike builders from East LA that inspired Boneyards II: Conspiracy.

Stussy has collaborated with Japanese fashion brand NEIGHBORHOOD for the second installment of Boneyards, entitled "Conspiracy." Inspired by East LA motorcycle clubs of the 50's-70's, this year's collection includes a limited edition Levi's trucker jacket and signature NEIGHBORHOOD denim. Boneyards, named after a secret surf spot in San Pedro, California, is a partnership between the two brands that started with the release of the initial Boneyards collection in the summer of 2008. In addition to the clothing, there will be a limited edition 'zine containing photos, interviews and artwork relating to the project. The second group of Boneyards II: Conspiracy product will be released on Friday, October 8th at Stussy.com and Stussy chapter stores."