Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shooter Jennings Top Albums Of 2011

Sirius XM Radio is an amazing medium for all the music we enjoy. In a few clicks we can pop on any station we enjoy and hear quite the variety of music to which we leave going all day. As soon as we started to hear Shooter playing Hellbound Glory on the outlaw country channel we knew many folks far and wide would really tune into the sound of Reno's finest. 

As we know it, terrestrial radio or FM is for the most part dead. Our local rock station has fired all of its DJ's and we have heard far better playlists on college stations for years rather than what is considered mainstream. When bands ask where their music can be heard, the best place I want to tell them is live. Online radio is just one format but its flat and lacks the pure connection that live shows have with an audience. Bands now have to go full circle and take their music into the venues and clubs to win fans one by one and use social media as just another tool, not the be all end all.

We thank folks such as Shooter Jennings for his continual promotion of great bands such as Hellbound Glory and cluing his listeners in to their music. Below is his write up on Hellbound Glory's, Damaged Goods as one of his top ten picks of 2011.

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Hellbound Glory - Bastard Child by RustyKnuckles
Shooter Jennings votes for Hellbound Glory as one his top albums for 2011

"As for Hellbound Glory, well then right after I'd gotten comfortable with Scott's record, in comes "Damaged Goods". Like a Merle Haggard record for the apocalypse. This record is proof why Leroy Virgil will transcend the underground scene based on his writing alone. It wouldn't surprise me if this dude's songs were being covered by contemporary country artists in the years to come. The danger he exudes in his words and the inventiveness and smarts when it comes to writing traditional country music with a twist of the ugly modern world gives Mr. Virgil quite the leg up on most. Plus he's got just enough Hank Jr. to appeal to the fans of the photocopy-of-a-photocopy-of-a-photocopy of Hank Jr guys that are currently topping the charts.  Either way, the band rules, the singer has a great voice and the songs are top shelf. I'd advise both of these albums as MUST-HAVE-STOCKING-STUFFERS." - Shooter Jennings