Thursday, December 8, 2011

Custom Guitars By Esteban Bojorquez

Let's get to the heart of the matter, handmade guitars are just as cool as a custom car or bike in our opinion. These guitars created by Esteban Bojorquez are visually stunning and knowing that they all emanated from a metal hollow body instead of a wooden one surely plays into a whole other level of sound quality.

Anyone can drive over to their local Sam Ash, Guitar Center or pawn shop and pick up a guitar for a decent price and start to pickin'. But seeing instruments such as these, you immediately get the feeling that anyone playing it, most likely knows what the hell they are doing. Its sort of the same as a jockey shift on a chopper, ya just don't jump on one and try to hit the freeway. These machines take time to sink into and become knowledgeable about. 

One of the first guitars that made an impression on me was a custom one built from a branch coming off a tree stump that was then shaped down into a really cool body style. It was completely unique looking and I still can never even think on the bands songs as all I did was stare at the guitar. I believe this is the moment that custom guitars started to make an impression on me. Also, the dude could shred, so he deserved the custom guitar.
After seeing Esteban's custom guitars I immediately had the same appreciation and thought how could would it be to really how they sound or who might be playing them. Style, personality and substance all rolled up into one instrument, dig it.

Statement from the artist:

Color, humor, texture, and my quixotic attempt at understanding the frantic, self important culture I find myself in are the components of my art. Working in a wide variety of media including assemblage, painting, sculpture, film, music and installation, my pieces are explorations of materials, techniques and the inherent ironies of life.

I collect and reconstruct the discarded refuse of our throwaway society, abstracting familiar objects into an often expansive scale. These once "needed" or "desired" objects, now cast away, send me on a journey of memory, nostalgia, or visceral reactions which lead me to a dreamscape that I hope others can connect to. For me each piece speaks to a spontaneous and unique experience.

- Esteban Bojorquez
Lucky 13. 5 gallon gas can acoustic - electric resophonic lap steel
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The Road Warrior. 5 gallon gas can acoustic lap steel
Sunrise. 5 gallon gas can acoustic  - electric resophonic lap steel
Street Light. 6 string resophonic acoustic-electric guitar

The Vase. brass hollow body electric guitar