Tuesday, December 6, 2011

1933 Indian-Crocker 45 ci OHV Speedway Racing Motorcycle Replica

Performance bikes have always been near and dear to us as we dig machines that are meant to be driven fast and stop on a dime. With all the cobbled together bikes that have been on the roads in the name of style, how many were barely ever ridden or the owners always complained of the bikes never running? Yep, way too many as style trumped reliability to some and thus paved the way for their side of the road smoke breaks. But where style meets performance, now that is a whole other story.

This is also why we are quite partial to older circle track racing bikes. Knowing they were meant to turn left at high speeds and the left leg was a guiding skid meant no front brakes were needed and all power was pushed to that rear sprocket to get spinning as fast as mechanically possible and that's it. In theory these bikes were really the first choppers. Peformance and reckless abandon meeting in the middle to create a bike style that has been forever embraced.

Pictures of various Crocker Motorcycles

Below is a write up on this bike for sale on ebay and has a great story attached to it.

"Created by master bike-builder Gwen Banquer, this motorcycle is an indian 101 Scout fitted with a copy of Al Crocker's famous overhead-valve conversion kit. It is one of a limited series of only seven such machines, the construction of which commenced circa 1995/96, and is the only one modeled on a 1930's board track racer.

Cockers overhead-valve conversion kit for the 101 Scout started out as an all cast iron affair before the second series switched to aluminum-alloy for the cylinder heads. Surviving original kits are exceptionally rare, so Gwen Banquer was especially fortunate to acquire(on loan) and original un-machined set of the later alloy/iron type, from which casting patterns were made. It should be noted that, although of 'stock' appearance, the Banquer heads have more 'meat' in the valve seat area to prevent cracking.

Gwen first displayed a mock-up of his Crocker OHV-converted 101 Scout motor during Daytona Bike Week in March 1996, and by August of the same year the first bike had been finished and was running. Gwen rode his first Crocker Scout at Daytona in 1997 and later that year recieved a 1st place award for 'Best American Motorcycle 1926-1940' at the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days help at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington. Mike Corbin had seen Gwen on that first Crocker conversion at Daytona and told him that he wanted to buy it, thus beginning a great friendship between the two men. Indeed, Corbin was so impressed with the bike that he immediately commissioned Gwen to build him a speedway version.

The machine offered here was originally built for motorcycle seat magnate Mike Corbin; Gwen Banquer built for and delivered to him at Bike Week in 2000. Gwen's suberb re-creation incorporates and original Rudge speedway frame, wheel hubs and gas tank, complimented by the period accessories such as Telex forks and a Messenger seat. The 45ci 101 Scout motor incorporates a remade crankshaft; high-compression pistons; high-list, long duration cams; and a stock, total loss oil pump. Ignition is by magneto and the carburetor is a 1 1/8" Linkert. The Scout's helical-geared primary drive has been dispensed with, drive being taken by chain to the single-speed Rudge transfer gearbox's dry clutch.
With the bike completed but yet to be painted and plated, Gwen took it for a run on a speedway track. He found it extremely fast and easy to slide in the turns, but with no brakes and a very high power-to-weight ratio, reckoned it was too easy to ger 'over enthusiastic'. Discretion got the better part of valor and no further test rides were undertaken after the bike had been finished."

This bike has been featured in many magazines including: Cafe Racer, The Classic Motorcycle & Motorcycle Performance. This unique machine represents and exciting opportunity to aquire an example of one of the most celebrated motorcycle re-creations of modern time. Also signed by Al Crocker."

1933 Indian-Crocker 45 ci OHV Speedway Racing Motorcycle Replica Side Profile

1933 Indian-Crocker 45 ci OHV Speedway Racing Motorcycle Replica

1933 Indian-Crocker 45 ci OHV Speedway Racing Motorcycle Replica Twin Cylinders

1933 Indian-Crocker 45 ci OHV Speedway Racing Motorcycle Replica Rear Tire and Sprocket

1933 Indian-Crocker 45 ci OHV Speedway Racing Motorcycle Replica with Al Crocker Signature