Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hellbound Glory and Ronnie Hymes Jamming After A Show In Raleigh, North Carolina

Great minds tend to think alike so Ronnie Hymes came up to Raleigh for Hellbound Glory's last show in the area for their recent tour. Ronnie never fails to bring his guitar or solid playing skills anywhere. After Hellbound's early show at the Dive Bar that Sunday evening they decided to take the action outside and continued to play another three hour set with most of the entire crowd going outside for more. Seeing things like this go down is why we put so much damn effort into making the music label happen. We believe in the bands and know all to well where we are going with the Rusty Knuckles Music label. This goes out Hellbound Glory and Ronnie Hymes for putting out such great music and being stand up individuals and the same for all the other bands we work with. The DIY attitude of all the bands and individuals comprising these groups is hands down, second to none.

Ronnie Hymes and Carolina Freight are currently working on their new album and we will be dropping a new single in late February after we go out to Kentucky and shoot a video with Blake Judd of Judd Films. As most of yall already know Hellound Glory's latest album Damaged Goods, continues to dominate on Itunes and now Amazon. This just goes to show that at the end of the day, great songs truly connect with folks and they believe in Supporting Real Country Music.

Hellbound Glory - Photo by Juan Two Three © 2011
Ronnie Hymes & Carolina Freight - Photo by Rusty Knuckles © 2011