Thursday, December 22, 2011

2000 Is A Lucky Number On Facebook

To say that we are damn proud of how Rusty Knuckles Music is growing would be an understatement. But we want the page to grow with more fans so we are offering something very unique. The #2000 person to "like" our Facebook page will receive a killer package of vinyl from all of our record releases. This means you will get a copy of these albums below on test pressing.

Rusty Knuckles Music vinyl test pressings for 2000th fan on Facebook

Hellbound Glory - Damaged Goods on 12" vinyl
Antiseen & Flat Tires split 7" on vinyl
Antiseen - Sweet Blood Call 7" Featuring Joe Buck Yourself
GG Allin & Antisee 12" Picture Disc
Flat Tires & Joe Buck Yourself split 7" vinyl