Sunday, December 4, 2011

Meet Jefe Of The Road Devils Car Club

For those of ya who don't know about the Road Devils Car Club and one of it's chapters called the Devil's Brigade which is made up of Veterans and active duty soldiers. Here is some footage of our good buddy Jefe on missions in Afghanistan and from our race across country earlier this year to Viva Las Vegas. Not only does he and the rest of the Devils Brigade put their lives on the line voluntarily for this country, he is a damn good friend of ours and we are always conjuring up some kind of shenanigans to get into. This is a rough draft clip he put together for the upcoming Road Devils DVD entitled the "Road To Recovery". The DVD will show the double life of Hot Rodders who transition back and forth from War to Home and use Hot Rods as an outlet.

Jefe's 1930 Ford Coupe on some back roads in North Carolina
Racing across the country in hot rods, Holbrook Arizona March 2011
Jefe doing whatever it takes to get the perfect photo