Friday, December 30, 2011

Tubalr - Find Videos Easily For Bands You Dig

Sick of digging diggin' through youtube crap and not being able to find exactly the video you were after? Do ya want to just listen to one bands videos and see what they are all about? Well hell hombre, we have found the new aggregator for ya, check out Tubalr. 

Here is what they say about their service, "Howdy, friend, wondering what Tubalr is? Tubalr allows you to effortlessly listen to a band's or artist's top YouTube videos without all the clutter YouTube brings. To get started just type a band's or artist's name into the search box and select only or similar. Oh, and if you're interested in saving your favorite videos, register an account, it's easy!"

So dive in, rock out and turn off that cable box with horrible commercials

Check out Tubalr

Typed in "Crank County Daredevils" into Tubalr for their video selection