Friday, December 30, 2011

Motus Motorcycles MST Will Be Available Soon

We subscribe to the email blasts from Motus Motorcycles and it has been great to follow their growth over the last few years and it looks as though they will be releasing their new American Sportbike shortly. They posted up a few questions and answers and the coolest part is that the proprietary motors will be for sale as well. Fitting these into some custom bikes will make for a killer new look and sound in the chopper community. Have a listen...

Q: Where can I see, test ride, and purchase a Motus MST or MST-R?
Motus motorcycles are sold exclusively through existing, high quality dealers, a number of which are taking reservations now for mid-late 2012 delivery. Many dealers have inquired directly where others have been recommended by riders like you. If your favorite dealer may be a good fit for a new line of comfotable American sportbikes, or if you want to place a refundable reservation for an MST, please let us know here. And, please let them know you want to test ride a Motus.

Q: What are the differences between the MST and MST-R?
The base model MST and the premium MST-R are comfortable sportbikes designed for long range canyon carving, solo or two up. Both are exhilarating, charismatic machines powered by the mighty V4 Baby Block engine and both will be offered with various accessories and upgrade options.

Q: What are the expected retail prices of the MST and MST-R?
We will announce final pricing, options, and full production specifications for the MST soon. We are working with key suppliers to keep the MSRP affordable for a wide range of riders. Thank you for your patience.

Q: Does Motus have plans to build an adventure bike, street fighter, leaning trike, automatic transmission, smaller/larger displacement, turbo charged version, hovercraft, or track car?
Motus is focused squarely on building comfortable American sportbikes. We can neither confirm nor deny any other future plans…

Q: Can I purchase a V4 Baby Block engine for a different application?
Yes, we will offer crated, aftermarket engines in late 2012. Pricing, drawings, and specifications to be announced soon, but refundable reservations are being taken now for the first year of production. Contact us here for the Reservation Agreement.
Motus Motorcycles MST, American Sportbike
Motus Motorcycles Proprietary engine by Pratt & Miller