Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ANTiSEEN Invades Europe - Spring 2012

Those Boys From Brutalsville in Antiseen will be invading the European shores for a tour in the spring. One show has been listed at its for a festival date in the Netherlands called the Slow End Fest. Gonna be a big year for the fellas with many tour dates being planned, their split 7" with the Flat Tires entitled "Hail To The Chief" will be out and more details will soon be revealed about their wrestling album. Yep, big shit happenin' for Antiseen in 2012.

Link to Slow End Fest site

Antiseen playing Slow End Fest in Holland, May 18th - 19th 2012

Slow End Fest
Perron 55 – Venlo – The Netherlands
May 18/19 2012
1 day ticket: 15 euro
Combi ticket: 25 euro

Slow End Fest is a brand new festival in the Southern part of The Netherlands. Two days filled with the crème de la crème from the underground; slow and fast music with a similar DIY attitude. One can expect hardcore-punk, grindcore, crustcore, sludge and metal. Our philosophy is: “If we like it, we book it!” That’s why this festival won’t adjust itself to certain hypes or scenes. We challenge you to think out of the box and step into the moshpit!

We are proud to announce the first 14 bands of the total 28 to be playing at the festival.

Alpinist (DE)
Dark Hardcore, aggressive and melodic. Insane live band and excellent musicians. If this didn’t convinced you yet, then buy their record at Southern Lord records. They will kick your butt for sure!

Antiseen (USA)
Antiseen is both so far beyond what punk rock is usually seen as and exactly what punk rock should be. The lack of concern about anything but what they believe, an utter disregard for mainstream success. This exclusive Dutch appearance will kick up some dust for sure. Be ready to catch it.

Aunt Acid (NL)
Sleazy and downtuned Rock 'n Roll straight from the bowels of Hades (a.k.a. Horst). Spawned from the ashes that were once known as HSML, Aunt Acid sets out to groove and clobber with a different vocal approach courtesy of Woooow Bobby (Cowboys from Hell). Fusing the likes of Motorhead, Iron Monkey and Alabama Thunderpussy with pagan midgets, rabid sluts and knife wielding apes as inspiration, this band is out to destroy wimps and posers alike. Let's rock.

Blind to Faith (BE/NL)
Established late 2008, Blind To Faith is a vehicle for pure, unadulterated metal punk. Stripped down to the very core and essence, Blind To Faith wears its influences on its sleeve: Discharge, Repulsion, Celtic Frost, Eyehategod, Gehenna, Darkthrone, Entombed, Today Is The Day... to name a few. Features members of Rise and Fall, Reproach, Amen Ra, Insult (nl).

Catheter (USA)
Catheter was originally vomited upon the earth in 1997 in the form of a crustcore band with metal influences. Catheter formed the trademark southwest doom violence sound. After many tours through Europe and the USA, this three-piece knows how to rumble.

Dodsfalla (USA)
Dodsfalla hails from the USA and plays dark metallic crust! Features members of Catheter.

Feast (NL)
Under the chromium filled smoke which fills the skies in the ymond region Feast emerged as the flag bearers of dark and heavy music. The band featuring current- and ex members of bands like Samaritan, Mankind, Omission, Point of few and Gilgamesh delivers an auditorial onslaught which will kill any zombie invasion in sight. True survival of the decibels is at hand...

Obnoxious Youth (SW)
Super well played snotty hardcore punk that draws on numerous inspirations from old shit like R.K.L./Ill Repute/Adrenalin O.D. and the likes to old hard rock and even some psych. These guys are not afraid to go all the way. This is still a hardcore punk there's just so much more to it.....Full on Uppsala madness. Will knock your heads off.

Resurrectionists (DE)
Intense fast and furious grindcore/power violence band from Germany with the heart on the right place, a vegan lifestyle and a atheist attitude. They blast as fast as possible, unbelievable!

Scheisse Minelli (DE)
Scheisse Minnelli is a Skate/Punk band based in Germany. The band was started in late 2003 by two native Californians and two Germans. The current line up features an all German music section and the lone Californian Samuel el Action on vocals. The band is rounded out with Dudel on drums, Dash on bass and Crack on guitar. The band is on a mission to make punk dangerous again.

Streetwalker (USA)
A recently formed four-piece band with female vocals. Toured in the USA a few times and released an album on Unrest records. Dark, heavy, loud, adrenaline-fueled thrash/grind, featuring Joe Rizzi from Hail of Rage. They are ready to shred overseas for the first time!

Verbal Abuse (USA)
No introduction needed as Verbal Abuse are one of the classic examples of early USA hardcore punk! Go see them!

Villainy (NL)
Villainy was created in 2010 in the South of The Netherlands. In this part of The Netherlands the roughness of the coalmine era still shows its marks. These young thrashers show us how to create an awesome metal party like it’s 1986-66. Think Celtic Frost meets Venom!!

Wolfbeast Destroyer (UK)

Motorcrust from the UK, inspired by Disfear, Doom, Amebix, Wolfbrigade and Motorhead. Straight forward crust core at it’s best! And we are proud to let them spread their motor stench in mainland Europe for the first time!
Slow End Fest Perron 55 – Venlo – The Netherlands