Friday, December 2, 2011

Spotify Announces New App Platform

Do yourself a favor and start using Spotify if you haven't already. Are you a casual music fan and enjoy hearing new tunes from friends playlists? Or are you a devouring force of nature such as ourselves and want to sample as much variety of music as possible? Hopefully more like us and that is why spotify will treat and the bands well. Yes, they actually pay out for the streaming service. Granted it is not much overall due to how little streams are paid. But, at least they are paying it forward compared to sites such as Myspace, where bands were racking up millions upon millions of plays and never receiving a dime.

As Spotify expands and becomes a better and more unique service they are also doing another thing we as fans really wanted. They are adding more apps to their service so it will be more of a plug and play type module rather than just a stand alone program. These apps will play perfectly into our social media driven world and make sharing and listening to music that much easier. Read on and dig in as this is the future of digital music.

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At Spotify’s first U.S. press conference in New York City, the streaming music service announced its new app platform.

The new version of Spotify will include access to applications built by third parties that take advantage of the Spotify library and community. Spotify Platform launch partners including Rolling Stone,, Pitchfork and Billboard.

Apps take advantage of Spotify’s vast music library, as well as its deeper social integration with Facebook.

Spotify Platform Partners

The apps are built in HTML5, which conceivably means they will be easy to access in Spotify apps across platforms. Spotify says that the apps are available first and foremost for the desktop, but if it is a success, apps will come to other platforms. They’ll be available in the Spotify desktop app and to premium and free users. 

Spotify says it is open to all developers, but will still manually approve apps before listing them in the Spotify player. A preview version of the Spotify desktop app is now available for users that want to try out the apps early. A consumer release will be issued in December. 

Check out this video the Spotify team put together showing off the new platform: